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Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

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The Snow Queen.

In an Alternate timeline, Elsa’s sister, Anna, did not survive the ice blast. A few years later, her parents were killed in a powerful storm.

The unfortunate events that transpired hardened her heart and made her hateful. She became a ruthless queen, enveloping her entire kingdom with endless snow.



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  • Question: omg imagine rent-a-limo driver! grantaire and his passenger enjolras; like enjolras going to a leader ship conference and the organizers send him a limo and he /hates/ it because unnecessary display of wealth and power and he gets in the limo very reluctantly and r sees him and shit hes beautiful how the hell am i supposed to drive and not look at him every 2 seconds, so r decides to distract himself by talking to him instead of looking at him thinking it would be easier to focus that way (1/2) - Anonymous
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    except /its not/ because turns out not only is the passenger guy super hot but also very very irritating (because who the fuck complains about having a free limo sent to pick them up) and they end up arguing the whole ride to the venue about environmental issues with different models of cars. and enjolras has no idea who the hell this driver thinks he is but this argument is definitely /not/ over and he ends up missing the first day of his conference because neither of them would back down

    Enjolras also totally ends up missing the last day of his conference because when Grantaire comes over to open the car door for him (he insists on it to piss Enjolras off, and the last time Enjolras tried to get out on his own, Grantaire’d just ended up pushing him back into the car, so Enjolras figures he would just go with it subsequently to save himself time), Enjolras ends up pulling Grantaire into the limo and kissing him. 

    Grantaire drives them to the parking lot and they spend most of their day lazily making out in the back of the limo. 

    (Enjolras leaves a five star review for Grantaire when he is asked to rate his limo driver.)

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Guys, please I need your help. I know this isn’t Disneyland or DisneyWorld. It’s my dream college. I want to go to FIlm school, I want to become a director and it’s been my dream to become one. I have so much passion for film making It’s ridiculous. My dream college is over 1,101 miles away from where I live. At first my mother and I were not on the same perspective. She thought I was crazy and would never make it. However, the college called me and found interest in what I can do! I knew that was my chance, so I spoke to my mother again, and unfortunately she hardly agreed this time either. Then I thought of Tumblr, we got a kid to go to DIsneyland, and heck we got a girl a bird! So why not college? If this can get to over 100k notes she says she’ll get one step closer in letting me attend my dream college! I know this might be asking a lot but please help me show my mom that I can make it and chase after my dreams! One reblog can help so much! xx 

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It takes two seconds, why wouldn’t I help you?

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  • Question: You wanted happy things? Well, I liked a girl, but she had a boyfriend, but then her boyfriend liked me too, and now we have happy three-way snuggles and it's great! (Alternatively, backpackers AU! Combeferre picks up Courfeyrac and Enjolras hitchhiking, and none of them is a serial killers.) - Anonymous
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    Three-way snuggles! Aaaaaah, nonny, I feel all flaily just listening about it. :D I’m happy for you!

    And Courfeyrac would have called shotgun, so Enjolras would be sitting at the back, pretending that he doesn’t exist while Courfeyrac keeps trying to hit on a very exasperated Combeferre. :D 

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Killian Donnelly - Who Am I

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Bring socks!!!! #homeless #donate #homelessness

As are toiletries!

I would also advice NOT to buy wool socks because yes, they are warm, but wool shrinks very easily, some people are allergic to wool, and wet wool is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world.

Thick cotton socks would be best, they’d last the longest and be the easiest to take care of and clean.

- Jane

Cotton is best. Always cotton

I feel the need to STRESS the necessity of socks. For the event AMOK through Random Acts this year, we went to DTLA to pass out donations. At one point we basically ran out and some of us broke off from the group to buy some more items. We ended up at a convenience store that had two boxes of cotton socks. We bought them and as we were walking one man asked us if we had socks. And we said “Yes.” and gave him a pair and then suddenly we were surrounded by individuals all asking for socks. We were out of socks in a few moments. I can say from personal experience that socks were the most important article of clothing that they wanted.

And as far as toiletries go, tampons. TAMPONS AND PADS. One woman was so excited, gracious, and thankful to receive tampons and pads, as it is a donation that seems to be overlooked. So please, of donations that could be given, while all articles of clothing and food and other necessities are more than welcome, socks and tampons and pads are largely needed.

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